Stages of work



You leave a request or contact us by phone


Personal meeting

After the application, we go to the facility or meet at our offices in Moscow, in Simferopol, draw up a technical specification, conclude a contract.


Development of interior decoration.

  • The measuring plan of the apartment with the binding of engineering communications.
  • Variants of planning solutions with furniture placement.
  • The final plan with the arrangement of furniture and plumbing equipment.
  • Development of the concept and style solution.
  • Photorealistic visualization of the premises being developed.

Development of drawings for finishing works .

  • Dimensional plan after leveling the walls.
  • Furniture layout plan.
  • Explication of premises.
  • The plan of placement and opening of doors.
  • Floor plan, ceilings.
  • Layout of lighting equipment, sockets, electrical
  • Layout of kitchen furniture.
  • Wall scans with tile layout.
  • Wall scans with the layout of materials.
  • Statement of finishing materials.
  • Cuts and scans of walls with decorative elements.
  • The list of furniture and light.

Author's support of the project.

Departure of the designer to the object, consultations and control over the implementation of the project.

The author’s support is negotiated with the customer separately


The complete set of the object .

We make a complete table of all finishing materials , furniture , light , interior items . Coordinating the prices of materials with the customer , we select everything in accordance with the project .We also contact all suppliers , purchase and arrange delivery to the facility .


Interior decoration .

To complete the interior design , it is necessary to decorate . We select and place decorative items in the interior ( paintings , dishes , carpets, etc. ), plants, textiles ( bed linen, towels, blankets, bedspreads …) , fragrances for the house .

Also , this service can exist separately from the design project . For example, for an interior that was already ready, or you would like to update the interior (by replacing or adding interior items).